G5EPC portable amateur radio station QRZ

G5EPC portable amateur radio station QRZ Many thanks for the QSO and finding my online page. G5EPC portable amateur radio. Every hour, day and week is a continuation of the radio story for each of us enthusiasts. Unfolding in the skies above. Mysterious voices from afar beaming from the low horizon completing their long journeys.                                          Thanks for the radio contact - amateur station G5EPC/P,  UK Full licence call sign. The portable station I mainly operate portable sitting outside my stationary vehicle, exclusively on the HF bands. I use SSB phone mode (I enjoy voice radio only) in the countryside in the south of England. I also visit the sea side. Congratulations that your signal exited the low horizon and hit my antenna (and vice versa) WE DID IT ! Home made DIY 5/8 wave for 20m at one of my QTH's: I am always happy and amazed when I make contact with a station especially when those contacts are intercontinental. So thanks for making the ti